For over 14 years, Calgary Retina Consultants has been providing the highest standard of retinal care. Specialising in vitreoretinal surgery and the treatment of all retinal diseases, Calgary Retina Consultants is the largest retina practice in Southern Alberta and among the most respected in Canada.

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Retina surgery and treatment

Retinal Conditions

Retinal diseases and disorders can severely harm your vision. Learn more about retinal conditions, causes, symptoms, risks, and treatment. If youhave any symptoms of a retinal condition, it’s important that you immediately contact a physician.

Retina Surgery

Each year, Calgary Retina Consultants treats over 50,000 patients using the most advanced surgical techniques and technology in the field of ophthalmology. Learn more about the surgery and treatment options available at Calgary Retina Consultants.


Calgary Retina Consultants is located inside the Southern Alberta Eye Centre. This facility is one of the most advanced ophthalmic care centres in Western Canada and equipped with the most state-of-the-art diagnostic.


The Calgary Retina Fellowship program is an established busy two year comprehensive vitreoretinal experience.

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The Calgary Retina Consultants Research Department has been involved in several multicenter studies sponsored by industry over the past 22 years.

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