Ophthalmic Ultrasound Biomicroscope (UBM)

An ophthalmic ultrasound biomicroscope exam, UBM exam for short, and also known as ultrasound biomicroscopy, is a type of diagnostic imaging test used to view the anterior segment of the eye including the cornea, iris, and ciliary body. A UBM exam allows ophthalmologists to view parts of the eye thatwould otherwise not be visible.

During a UBM exam, the patient receives anaesthetic eye drops to numb the eyes. The UBM probe is filled with sterile, distilled water and placed upon the eye. This probe emits high-frequency sound waves that are reflected through the eye to create an image of the eye’s interior.

UBM examinations are completely painless and take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Information collected during the examination is recorded by Calgary Retina Consultants and saved in the patient’s records for future use. All patient records are strictly confidential.