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What to Expect at Your Eye Exam

Your initial examination and testing will be comprehensive. Since we endeavor to complete all tests and make recommendations based the results at the time of your examination, please allow several hours for your first visit.

Elements of a Complete Eye Exam

  • History taking & pretesting - get history, assess the eyes.
  • Slit lamp examination - examine the front of the eye.
  • Fundus examination - examine the retina.
  • Angiography - examine the blood vessels.
  • Optical coherence tomography - evaluate the retina.
  • Ultrasound study - investigate the eye internal structures.
  • Visual field study - investigate the visual fields.
  • Electrodiagnostic study - investigate visual pathways.
  • Neuroimaging study

Your pupils will be dilated in order to perform our examination. Pupilary dilation will make your eyes sensitive to bright light when you leave our office.

For your safety, it is best to plan for someone to drive you from our office. The pupilary dilation will also prevent you from being able to focus. Reading may be difficult for you for several hours following our examination. You may wish to take this into consideration in your work schedule. These inconveniences are temporary and necessary for adequate examination.

Our staff will ask you many questions that will enable our physicians to perform a thorough evaluation. You can help us by bringing all prescription medications, or a list of each medication and dosage with you to the office. You may see several members of our physician team during your evaluation and course of treatment.

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